Chapter 1 Review

Open the file, and review the key terms; make sure you have all your vocabulary terms
from Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Metric Measurement Practice Below

1. Measuring Metric: Complete the following online quizzes: Easy Centimeters, Medium Centimeters, Hard Centimeters. Click on Link.

Fun Brain Metric Practice

2. Practice (on your own, at your own pace, no writing) using metric ruler. At the site, click on the “begin” finger. Click F11 to zoom. Try changing from mm to cm/ 0…10/ruler markings. Practice until you are comfortable reading the cm ruler. Use this same site for number 3.

What's My Length?

3. Write down the liter and mL amounts and then check your answers by clicking on the covers. Change the settings at the bottom to practice with different scales.


What's my capacity or volume?

4. Practice using a Triple Beam Balance. For very heavy objects you may have to add the extra 500gram weight in bottom left corner. Try measuring the mass of at least 10 objects or until you get very accurate at using the triple beam. Practicing Triple Beam Balance

Write about using the T.B. balance. Is it hard? What did you learn?

Steps for using triple beam.

a. Set all sliders to zero.

b. Place object on pan.

c. Move the back slider one notch at a time. When arrow drops move slider back one notch.

d. Move middle slider one notch at a time. When arrow drops move slider back one notch.

e. Move front slider until arrow lines up.

f. Add totals of all sliders for mass.

Practicing Triple Beam Balance

5. Write the temperature or range of temps for each picture title in Celsius (ex. Fun at the beach 20C – 30C). There are nine pictures. (Some are just one temperature, others are a range of temperatures such at 21 degrees C to 35 degrees celcius). Label pic and temp. Temperature in Metric

Answer these questions in your notes:

6.What Celsius temperature would it be if it were 70F (or really close)?

7. What Celsius temp would we want it to be under to get a snow day?

8. What Celsius temp would we want it to get above for a day at the beach?