Learning the Scientific Method could be lengthy, so we will be using interactive activities online to help you. Click on the hyperlink below and begin your journey into Chapter 1.5 the Scientific Method.

The Scientific Method Online Activities

Make a foldable Chapter 1.5 Vocab - We will define these in class tomorrow.

  1. Scientific Inquiry -the ongoing process of discovery in science; the different ways in which Scientists study the natural world

  2. Hypothesis- a special kind of prediction; it can be tested via the scientific method and is written as an If, then statement.

  3. Independent Variable-the one factor that a scientist changes during an experiment, also called a manipulated varible.

  4. Dependent Variable-the factor that changes as a result of changes to the independent variable in an experiment; it is also called a responding variable.

  5. Controlled Experiments-an experiment in which only one variable is tested and manipulated at a time.

  6. Bias-a subjective belief that affects a person's attitude toward something; an error in the design of an experiment that affects the results.

  7. Repeated Trial-a repetition of an experiment to gather additional data and determine whether the experiment's results support the hypothesis.

  8. Replication-an attempt to repeat a scientist's experiment by a different group.

  9. Scientific Explanation-a generalization that makes sense of observations by using logical reasoning.