Subjective versus Objective Reasoning Activity

Reasoning: Objective and Subjective

The differences between objective and subjective can be hard to tell but in the end it boils down to one is an actual fact and the other is just an opinion. A subjective way of reasoning is when it is a person's opinion on a topic. For example, I was in a discussion the other day about the differences in how firm a mattress should be. I said that firm mattresses are way better than soft mattresses. This is not a proven fact but rather my personal opinion making this an example of subjective reasoning. An example of objective reasoning would be a clear fact. For example, in the United States a person can not legally purchase any tobacco product until the age of 18. This is objective because it is a federal law that is enforced and it is 18 everywhere not just when people want it to be. Sometimes it can be tough to tell but you just have to keep in mind that subjective is an opinion from a subject. Objective is a fact, so remember that objects are facts.

Answer the Questions on the Objective vs Subjective Worksheet into your folder. Please write out the answers; you may need these in an upcoming TEST.