Pseudoscience vs Science Activity

Differences between Pseudoscience & Science are listed on the following web site:

Differences between Pseudoscience & Science

Background Information on Superstitions:

For centuries, humans have attempted to explain the natural if they did not have the scientific knowledge or instrumentation to develop accurate explanations. In many cases, particular scientific phenomena have been explained through a variety of different fairy tales or folklore. There is an entire genre of "wives tales" or superstitions that deal with the practices surrounding luck. In general, superstitions are regarded as beliefs or notions not based on reason or knowledge, usually passed down from previous generations through oral tradition.

These are some popular superstitions; for this activity, you will search on the following hyperlinks to uncover the history of these superstitions. For each one, uncover where does it come from, and are they based on any scientific evidence?

Origins of Popular Superstitions